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Cardio-respiratory referral

MurmurArrhythmiaCollapse / weaknessCoughDyspnoeaNasal disease

Outpatient ultrasound

AbdomenSmall parts (eye/swelling/wound)Pregnancy diagnosis

Outpatient CT

Abdomen/PelvisHead (including dental)Spine: cervicalSpine: thoracolumbarForelimb: shoulderForelimb: elbowForelimb: carpi/footHindlimb: pelvis/hipHindlimb: stiflesHindlimb: tarsi/foot

Please note, patients requiring thoracic CT should be seen via the cardio-respiratory service rather than simply being booked for a CT, so please fill in the options for cario-respiratory referral above


OvariectomyCryptorchid castrateLiver biopsyOther (please specify below)

For other laparoscopic procedures, please call us on 01273 540430 or email to discuss the case first.

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