Our internal medicine service at Brighton Veterinary Referrals is led by Alison Hall, European Specialist in Veterinary Internal Medicine. As well as providing an internal referral service for New Priory Vets and P.E.T.S. patients, Alison can also accept external referrals of stable medical cases for evaluation on Tuesdays.

Less stable cases requiring hospitalisation, surgery and ongoing treatment will be managed in conjunction with the experienced hospital team at New Priory Vets, who Alison also helps support.

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Alison is happy to undertake:

  • Specialist Consultations (evaluation of the medical history and examination to make a diagnostic and/or treatment plan)
  • Evaluation of clinical pathology test results
  • Diagnostic ultrasound and sampling
  • CT (Computed Tomography) and sampling
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy including biopsies and foreign body removal
  • Advanced medical procedures such as bone marrow biopsy

Occasionally, certain cases may require referral to a multi-disciplinary centre for further intensive care, surgery or ongology treatment once a diagnosis has been made.

Alison will typically see stable cases over 24-48h and provide and initial report with a diagnosis and therapeutic plan within 48h of patient discharge.

Our Internal Medicine service is complemented by comprehensive on-site imaging equipment including a 16-slice GE Lightspeed CT scanner. CT reporting will be performed by Specialist Radiologists at VetCT.

Case examples include:

  • Chronic weight loss
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhoea
  • Chronic anaemia or other haematological abnormalities
  • Polyuria and polydipsia
  • Evaluation of masses
  • Pre-surgical screening or staging for neoplasia

Refer a patient

For routine referrals you will need to fill in our online referral form and we will contact the owner directly to schedule an appointment.

If you’d like to discuss how Alison may be able to assist you with a case, please contact referrals@new-priory.com.

If you have an urgent or emergency case please contact us on 01273 540430.


Advice for Owners

Local vets commonly refer patients presenting with complicated medical symptoms for clinical examination by our Internal Medicine Specialist Alison Hall. Many conditions present with multiple symptoms; making an accurate diagnosis and deciding on the best treatment can be challenging. After evaluating your pet, Alison will discuss her findings with you to determine the most appropriate diagnostic plan and treatment options.

If you think your pet would benefit from our Internal Medicine service, please discuss this with your vet as they will need to make a referral for you.

If you’re a client of our Brighton or Peacehaven Clinic, or your pet has been admitted to Priory Emergency Treatment Services for care in our hospital, please get in touch with us and we can organise an internal referral directly.