Brighton Veterinary Referrals is the centre of choice for Sussex vets looking to refer their patients for diagnostic imaging, (CT and ultrasound), management of cardio-respiratory disease (heart and breathing problems), and laparoscopy (“keyhole surgery”).

Our central location at New Priory Vets’ state of the art Brighton hospital ensures you benefit from gold standard care locally with overnight hospitalisation facilities and constant support from the on-site emergency service.

In addition to our own expertise, we coordinate further referrals in the areas of dermatology, ophthalmology and feline medicine via trusted visiting consultants.

We strive to make the referral process as smoothly as possible liaising closely with both the referring vet and pet owners to deliver a continuous service with ongoing care and support.

Referring Vets

We’re here to support you and your clients.

We’d encourage you to think of Brighton Veterinary Referrals as an extension to your own clinic. We can provide expert care locally, – a particular consideration for unstable cases unable to travel.

If you need advice or are unclear regarding the benefits of referral please don’t hesitate to call us.

Find out more about our referral team and procedures via this website or get in touch for additional information about our service.

Pet Owners

If you’ve been referred to us it’s because your vet recommends that your pet would benefit from more detailed investigations.

Rest assured we’ll support you and your pet and we know it is important for this process to be as smooth as possible.

Veterinary Specialist status is the highest qualification available and only held by a very limited number of vets. Specialist status requires advanced training and qualifications typically gained over 4 – 5 years of post graduate study. Specialists concentrate in one area and are required to have research and teaching experience and prove on-going expertise.

We understand consistency is key to providing the best possible experience for you and your pet and effective communication is vital for your peace of mind.

Once your vet has made the referral, our friendly reception team will be in touch to arrange an appointment and advise you on any preparation required. We’ll liaise with you and your vet to explain the findings of any investigations, make recommendations and provide any ongoing care and support you need.

Get in touch to find out more.